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What information do I need to provide about my startup idea?
We just need 3 snippets of text from you: your elevator pitch, your target audience, and what problem your idea is solving
How long does it take to get my competitor analysis report?
During our Alpha phase, you can expect to receive your comprehensive report within 24–48 hours after submitting your startup idea. It takes this time so we can have a real human look at it an ensure quality. Once we launch we expect this to be about 1 hour.
What types of products does this work for?

This is primarily for Saas (Software as a Service) Products. We can NOT help you validate a physical product, a book, a course, a lemonade stand. If your competitors do not have a website, we definitely cannot help you. If you're looking to validate those types of businesses, get in touch and I'll do my best to point you in the right direction

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